Susanne S. Hoeppner, PhD

Secondary Investigator, Biostatistics, Massachusetts General Hospital

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School

Susanne S. Hoeppner is an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School (HMS) and is a member of Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Biostatistics. She provides statistical guidance and expertise for various groups at MGH including the Center for OCD and Related Disorders (CORD), the Medical Practice Evaluation Center (MPEC), and the Recovery Research Institute (RRI). Her collaborative research effort has included applications in psychology, psychiatry, smoking cessation, and HIV/AIDS. She has served as the principal statistician on pivotal trials approved by the FDA and has designed and analyzed Phase I-III studies in addiction, psychiatry, and psychology.  She also has ample experience setting up, updating, and overseeing the use of electronic data capture forms as implemented via REDCap, having designed and managed such databases for several single- and multi-site clinical trials at MGH.  Dr. Hoeppner’s clinical interests are in dynamic health behavior modeling and positive psychology.

Dr. Hoeppner earned a PhD in Oceanography and Coastal Sciences and her Master of Applied Statistics from Louisiana State University.  She also holds a MS in Biological Science from Southeastern Louisiana University.